A Next Generation Erasure Coded, shared Distributed Storage System

A Next Generation Erasure Coded, Shared Distributed Storage System

Distributed Shared Storage Services, is the building block to yield complex, decentralized, cloud applications in emerging technologies (e.g., IoT, VR/AR), as they may offer a transparent cloud storage space where distributed applications can store, retrieve, and coordinate over shared data. In this project, the EU-US team plans to run thorough experimental evaluations on the performance of a novel protocol ARES [1], which implements an Atomic Distributed Shared Storage space over asynchronous, failure prone, message passing network nodes, and it ensures data availability and survivability. Armed with extensive prior experience on the field of Distributed Computing, the EU-US team will design experiments that will test ARES performance under scalability, resource intensive, and fault tolerance scenarios, and attempt to identify bottlenecks and shortcomings that may prevent ARES from being readily applied in a real, practical system. Cross-Atlantic experiments will be conducted by reserving network nodes both in the EU (through Fed4FIRE+ testbeds) as well as in the US through infrastructure at Penn State University (PSU) premises.