With the right set of partners great things will emerge.


Role: Host Organization (HO)

Key people: Dr. Nicolas Nicolaou (YR), Dr. Efstathios Stavrakis

Algolysis Ltd ( is a research, technology and innovation company focusing on tackling real-life problems by devising state-of-the-art algorithmic solutions. Founded in 2014, Algolysis is a recent entrant in Cyprus’ innovation ecosystem and is currently undertaking projects related to distributed ledgers, blockchain technology solutions, fault-prone distributed systems, mobile/sensor networks, data acquisition, visualization, and analysis. The company has a diverse research portfolio in computing, and its vision is to become a key technology provider in Cyprus and the south-east European region.

Currently Algolysis Ltd. has secured funding through nationally-funded research and innovation project «ΠΡΟΒΛΕΠΩ» (, funded by the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism of the Republic of Cyprus, which aims to develop techniques for storage-device failure prediction. Algolysis Ltd. is also a main partner in project SCHEDAR (, funded under the EC Joint Programming Initiative on Cultural Heritage call, in which the company is designing and implementing a prototype online 3D human motion capture search engine.

The scientists of the company have the capacity: (i) to perform state-of-the-art research on topics highly related to the area of this project, and (ii) to develop software, web-platforms, and network applications that utilize cutting-edge software technologies and can be deployed across all popular computing (stationary or mobile) computing platforms. In particular, through current and past projects Algolysis’ scientists have developed specialized and complex web-platforms (e.g.,, 2D and 3D graphical applications and user interfaces, and network protocols both in single processor simulators as well as real-life network environments.

Role: Partner Organization (PA1)

Key people: Associate Professor, Dr. Chryssis Georgiou

As the leading research organization in Cyprus, the University of Cyprus ( possesses great research expertise and reputation spanning through its 2-decade existence. UCY has been ranked as the 55th young University by THE World University Ranking. UCY has a student population of about 7000 (2000 graduate). As one of the first departments of UCY, CS shares the same long-term research experience and will constitute a strategic partner for the current project. It has 22 faculty members, and more than 100 postdoctoral researchers and PhD students. It participates in a variety of research programs funded by National and European organizations and it collaborates with numerous foreign Universities and Research Organizations. Collectively, the members of CS publish more than 100 journal and conference papers per year and they have attracted a total funding of more than 30 million euros in the last decade. CS’s research activities cover, among others, Distributed and Internet Computing, Data Storage and Analytics, Machine Learning, and Fault-tolerance and Dependability.


Role: Foreign Organization (FRO)

Key people: Research Professor, Dr. Antonio Fernández Anta

IMDEA Networks Institute ( is one of the 7 IMDEA Research Institutes created in 2006 as a non-profit public Research Institute, with the objective of performing excellent research, carrying out technology transfer, and attracting talented researchers to the region of Madrid, Spain. As a growing, English-speaking institute, IMDEA Networks offers a unique opportunity for pioneering scientists to develop their ideas. Its multinational team is engaged in cutting-edge fundamental science in all areas of networking. IMDEA Networks counts with a number of prestigious researchers experienced in participating in EU and national funded projects, such as MONROE, Flex5Gware, mmMagic, eCousin, iJOIN, CROWD, FLAVIA, GeoNet, Cloud4BigData, HyperAdapt, E2NET, TIGRE5 and Clouds. It is worth to mention the recently awarded ERC Consolidator Grant SearchLight.

Research members from the IMDEA team involved in this project have a strong publication record, including publications in top-level journals (e.g., IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, IEEE JSAC, Journal of the ACM, IEEE Transactions on Computers, IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials, IEEE Communications Letters, IEEE Communication Magazine) and conferences (e.g., ACM STOC, ACM SIGCOMM, IEEE INFOCOM, IEEE FOCS, IEEE WoWMoM, IEEE Globecom, IEEE ICC, ACM WiOPT, IEEE CAMAD), and good experience in technology transfer to industry.

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