List of presentations prepared and delivered during project COLLABORATE.
ARES: Adaptive, Reconfigurable, Erasure coded atomic StorageKishori KonwarICDCS 2019 Conference
Robust and Strongly Consistent
Distributed Storage Systems
Andria TrigeorgiRCIS 2021 Conference
Deployment and Empirical Evaluation of CoBFS in the
Emulab Network Testbed
Andria TrigeorgiApPLIED 2021 Workshop
Fragmented Objects: Boosting Concurrency of Shared
Large Objects
Andria TrigeorgiSIROCCO 2021 Conference
Let’s Work TogetherNicolas NicolaouIMDEA Seminar
System Implementation and Experimental FindingsAndria TrigeorgiFinal Project Workshop
ML Techniques for Detecting Storage FailuresMarko KrsticFinal Project Workshop
Project OverviewNicolas NicolaouFinal Project Workshop

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